I help people and brands navigate video production in Austin Texas. Stress-free.

Finding high quality video production in Austin, Texas can be stressful. I eliminate the stress and create custom videos that deliver your vision, without the absorbent price tag of production companies or agencies.

Keep your life stress-free

Me vs. Them

You have two options when looking to have quality video production. 1) You’ll either have to find a production company or agency. 2) Find a freelancer. Agencies will cost an arm and a leg while missing project deadlines. Freelancers are usually come at the recommendation of a friend. A large percentage tend to be inexperienced newbies who just bought a camera three months ago, and your video quality will reflect that.

Choosing me

No down payment or money down. You pay when you are happy with the project. One phone meeting and we're ready to roll. I'll give you one flat rate so you know exactly what you're paying. I do everything, film, edit, sound design, text, graphics, color grade. Revisions and changes happening immediately. No up-charges for revisions. Project is completed fast. If you're not happy with the final product, you don't pay. Your stress level decreases.

Choosing them

Agency will require at least 50% upfront. There will be 3 or 4 lengthy meetings. You'll receive an estimated budget, which will be huge because they have a full staff that needs to be paid. There will be up-charges for changes and revisions. Changes will take forever because 4 - 6 different people are working on the project. The deadline will keep getting pushed. You inevitably feel like you're not getting what you paid for. You'll end up in a dispute with no way out since you've already put down 50%. You'll end up with a final product you don't like. Your stress level increases.

What type of content can I create?

I cover all aspects and styles of video production in Austin, Texas. I’m available for travel also. Whether it’s a company video, event, restaurant, lifestyle, real estate, or doctors office. I can do it all.

Austin Real Estate Videography

Virtual real estate tours are more in demand than ever in Austin, Texas. There still a huge buying demand for property but people are reluctant to tour due to COVID-19.

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Restaurant and Food Truck Video Production

Creating video content of your restaurant or food truck helps is an incredibly effective asset to share the experience and atmosphere of your establishment.

Company Videos

Every company is different. Different goals, vision, and voice. I’ve worked closely with companies in every industry to capture their unique vibe.

More Examples...

I've been doing video production in Austin Texas since 2012. Whatever your need, I've probably done it. Just reach out if you need more examples or have questions. I've created videos for doctors offices, marathons, F! races, and syndicated TV shows.

Need a photographer in Austin? I can do that too. Whether it’s Austin event photography, Austin commercial photography, headshots in Austin, or portrait photography around Austin.

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Finding affordable, reliable, no-nonsense web design is tough. I would know, I got hosed for over $11,000 when I was starting fitppl. I need up having to trash that site and figure it out on my own. Now I help people and brands create a website that they have 100% control over.

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No contracts

A lot of web design companies will try to make you sign a contract where they own the code but give you the rights to use it. It's happen to me before, and it's BS. I offer stress-free web design, and you'll 100% own everything.

No shady tactics

One shady tactic is they'll put you on "their hosting." What they're actually doing is renting server space then up-charging you. I'll set you up on your own hosting. You own everything.

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